Month One: Marquette Cask Finished Bourbon Whisky


We’re excited to introduce Long Road Distillers’ 12-month special finish bourbon series. Each month of 2024, we’ll be releasing a unique cask finish bourbon whisky. We’ll pair each release with an in-depth look at how these spirits have been produced right here on our website, written by someone on our team. 

This first release in the series is the Marquette Cask Bourbon Whisky, something we’ve been working on for years. This Straight Bourbon has undergone a carefully controlled aging process: initially matured for two years, three months, and eighteen days in charred and toasted new American oak barrels, followed by a secondary maturation for one year, two months, and seven days in ex-Marquette red wine casks, sourced locally from a Michigan winery. This dual-phase aging method enhances the bourbon’s complexity and introduces nuanced flavors.

Central to this bourbon is its mash bill, comprising locally sourced Michigan corn, red winter wheat, rye, and malted barley. This selection of grains not only highlights Long Road Distillers’ dedication to regional agriculture but also plays a critical role in defining the bourbon’s flavor profile and chemical composition.

On the palate, this bourbon presents an intriguing array of flavors. It starts with a fruity, bright, and juicy profile, a result of the esters and congeners developed during fermentation and initial aging. The finish is notably dry, a characteristic influenced by the tannins and other compounds imparted by the red wine casks.

At 93 proof (46.5% ABV), this bourbon offers a robust yet balanced bite, indicative of its careful distillation and aging processes.

This series is more than a collection of unique bourbons; for us, it’s a monthly study in the variables of bourbon production and aging. Each release will demonstrate a different aspect of Long Road Distillers’ curiosity in spirit creation, with casks previously used to age products as varied as honey to our Grand Absinthe. Join us as we explore the impact of these variables on flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel.

Stay tuned for our next release: Grand Absinthe Cask Finished Bourbon, where we’ll continue to enjoy the spirit aging and special finishing. In the meantime, we invite you to experience the complexity and craftsmanship of Long Road Distillers’ first release in this exceptional series: Marquette Cask Finished Bourbon, now available at our tasting rooms and select Michigan retailers.

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