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Long Road Distillers

Take the Journey with us. Join the Wayfarer’s Guild Today! 

Everyone is on a journey—the difference is how you take it. While most are worried about the destination, wayfarers take pride in how they get there.

If you’re a wayfarer, you’re one of us. And since you’re one of us, why not make it official? Join the Wayfarer’s Guild and enjoy all the perks of the road less taken.


More Options – More Benefits – Renewal Discounts!

NOTE: Benefits can be shared between our Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, and East Hills locations! Enjoy Guild night specials in all locations on specified nights!

Wayfarer’s Guild Benefits for 2023-2024 (July 15, 2023 – July 14, 2024):

  1. Long Road branded, individually-numbered, coaster to use while enjoying drinks at LRD (we believe in serving cocktails correctly, and a proper cocktail requires proper glassware)
  2. Half-off ALL* Cocktails on Guild nights – Yes, that means $3 Gin and Tonics & $4 Polish Falcons! (*all except egg-white drinks, or our bartenders will strike)
  3. $1 off cocktails any other day
  4. 25% off food on Guild nights – Yep, that’s right, 25% off our entire Kitchen Menu!
  5. First dibs on limited release spirits, like our seasonal Liqueurs and limited release Whiskies!
  6. 15-25% off cocktail classes and special events throughout the year!  
  7. Wayfarer’s Guild Exclusive events, like the Wayfarer’s Tasting with the Distillers – a private, guided tasting of a new release spirit with our distillers.
  8. Weekly update e-mails with Guild specials, upcoming events, and release dates.

Guild Memberships are limited, so reserve your spot today and join us on our journey of crafting world-class spirits right here in West Michigan!

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