Maple Wheat Whisky


Sometimes, taking the long road leads you to a familiar place. In the case of whisky, we’ve brought together two of our favorite local flavors: Long Road Wheat Whisky and pure Michigan maple syrup produced in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

We start with our original Wheat Whisky, fermented and distilled from red winter wheat grown at Heffron Farms in Belding, MI, and age it for over a year in new American oak barrels. Then, we finish the whisky in barrels used to age Michigan maple syrup for several months.

The result is an authentically crafted, pure Michigan whisky, with hints of vanilla, butter and toffee on the nose and a first taste, and a rich, long finish from time spent in the maple barrels.

Wheat Whisky Long Road Distillers
Maple Wheat Whisky Long Road Distillers

Process & Techniques:

  • Milled from locally-sourced whole grain and fermented on-site
  • Twice distilled on our 500 gallon Vendome copper pot still
  • Aged in charred new American oak barrels from the Barrel Mill
  • Finished in barrels previously used to age Michigan Maple Syrup for several months.
  • Non-chill filtered to retain flavor and body
  • Not treated with any carbon or charcoal filtration techniques

Tasting Notes:

  • Subtle vanilla candy on the nose
  • Hints of vanilla toffee and cream of wheat
  • Mild fruit and spice at first taste
  • Sweet notes of caramelized pecan on the palate
  • Long, rich finish with sweet undertones of maple and caramel



Long Road Distillers

The Maple Wheat Toddy

Cocktail Recipe


Ingredients: 1 ½ oz Long Road Maple Finished Wheat Whisky, 1 oz Long Road Cinnamon simple syrup, 1 oz fresh lemon juice

  1. Grab your favorite mug
  2. Add Fresh Lemon Juice
  3. Add Cinnamon simple syrup
  4. Add Maple Finished Wheat Whisky
  5. Add 3-4 ounces of hot water
  6. Stir and garnish with lemon zest
  7. Enjoy!


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