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Long Road Distillers to open Thursday on GR’s west side (MiBiz)

Grand Rapids’ first “grain to glass” craft distillery will open its doors this week. After a series of equipment and regulatory delays hampered its scheduled fall 2014 opening, Long Road Distillers LLC plans to pour its first round to a public crowd on Thursday, May 28 and hold its grand opening the following week. The…

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ArtPrize 2015 welcomes distillery, sporting goods store to 7th annual event (

ArtPrize 2015’s new venues include a distillery, a sporting goods store and a new public space. A total of 180 venues have signed up to participate in the seventh annual exhibition in Grand Rapids. Some 30 first-time venues will be a part of the $500,000 competition opening Sept. 23 for the 19-day exhibition. A total…

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West Side the new ‘it’ neighborhood in GR? (WOOD TV 8)

The West Side of Grand Rapids is undergoing a transformation. For a long time, the saying among West Siders has been “The West Side is the best side,” and now it seems others outside the area are taking notice. “I’m really, really excited about all the new things that are happening; the new developments that…

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Christmas in February!

After a long 12 month wait, our equipment has finally arrived!

Wayfarer’s Guild Now Accepting Members!

We’re proud to announce the Wayfarer’s Guild! Everyone is on a journey—the difference is how you take it. While most are worried about the destination, wayfarers take pride in how they get there. If you’re a wayfarer, you’re one of us. And since you’re one of us, why not make it official? Join the Wayfarer’s…

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West Side booms with new restaurants, breweries (Rapidian)

Recently, the west side of Grand Rapids has seen major urban development and growth for the restaurant industry. Within the past six months there has been a multitude of announcements regarding new restaurants, breweries and even distilleries staking their claim in West Side real estate. The vast majority of new developments are paying homage to…

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Learn the craft or hire for experience? West Michigan craft distilleries take two paths to ramp up production (MiBiz)

When the founders of Long Road Distillers LLC decided to bring in an experienced professional to manage the launch of its spirits production later this year, they realized they needed to look beyond the local talent pool for help. That realization led partners Kyle Van Strien and Jon O’Connor to recruit Brian Pribyl as the…

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New developments breathe life into GR’s west side neighborhood (MiBiz)

As new developments spring up throughout Grand Rapids’ west side neighborhood, the district is at the center of a concerted effort by a range of business interests looking to revitalize a long-neglected part of the city. Companies ranging from new breweries and restaurants to upscale retail stores and residential developers have invested tens of millions…

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Grand Rapids has a lot going on these days. The changes from when the Beer O’Clock GR staff came back from the west coast sometimes boggle our tiny minds. New Grand Rapids bars are popping up all over, but there are a select few that we’re really, really excited for, either because of what they…

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Name Drop in the New York Times

A Rebound Takes Root in Michigan, but Voters’ Gloom Is Hard to Shake (New York Times) Another blustery Midwestern winter approaches, but along a blue-collar stretch of Leonard Street in this conservative, famously button-down city, an economic springtime has arrived. The Mitten Brewing Company, less than three years old, has grown to 40 employees from…

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